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Bootstapper's QR codes

When I wrote The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web, I knew I wanted to add QR code functionality to the book. But I needed to find a service that offered QR codes I could change when I needed, as well as QR code tracking capability.

I found those requirements in the QR code service, Esponce. Check out the QR code case study for the book to learn specifically how I used QR codes to enhance the book.

Matjaz over at Esponce was kind enough to share some of his thoughts on what adding QR codes to a book (or any product for that matter) can do for you…

With the massive groundswell of QR Code readers and equipment that is now available to access QR Code information, it has meant that now there are hundreds of millions of people potentially open to your information.

Like any media item, a book is designed to be read by a single person at a time. If the content of this book carries a strong enough message and the person decided it is valuable enough for them to spread the message then the word will spread. By adding a QR Code to the book we can get our message over more clearly by introducing emotive elements such as sound, vision, video, animation etc. Doing this will clearly improve the chance of your message or any links to your subject being understood and disseminated.

There has never been a more simple solution to move from analogue to digital information and content in our lifetime. Especially when you look at the simple steps in being able to create and access that information.

What we have done in effect, is turn the conventional media/dissemination of information route on its head. In the past we spent a great deal of time and money on digital display systems that would spew out information in the hope that a passer by would stumble upon it and act upon the information. Think about holiday shops where they have rolling displays of holiday availability etc. the customer has to be in the right place at the right time and have the patience to stand there while the display will hopefully come up with something he is interested in.

Now all we do is put a sticker or other simplistic thing into a space, the customer will bring his expensive equipment along and take the action to scan the code thereby telling us what information he wants to access!

A marketers dream scenario that is available right now.


Matjaz Kofol is creative and managing director at Esponce. He leads the team fully versed in every aspect of QR technologies, and esponce is ideally placed to assist agencies and brands with any requirements to market QR Code technology. is one of the world’s top QR code technology companies who can help you take advantage of QR code potential.


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